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  • Safeplay safe surface - EPDM
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  • Safeplay safe surface - EPDM
  • EPDM safeplay hemispheres
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  • Safeplay safe surface - EPDM
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Our company deals with the assembly of safe surfaces as well as the production and distribution of small architecture elements made of EPDM granules.

3d design elements made from the epdm

Decorative and recreational elements for the playground made of safe material! Play teaches children physical and mental development. Thanks to EPDM products, fun becomes even safer and more interesting. We produce balls and half balls, cubes, mushrooms, steppers, 3D animals. These items allows your children to play and follow their activities safely. The products are available in various heights, they allow you to create play areas for different age groups. EPDM colors allow for ease of design. Granulated elements can be used in groups or individually, creating places for children to play and rest.

Our products are perfect for:

  • playgrounds
  • swimming pools
  • recreational areas
  • city ​​squares

The surface for the playground

The surface absorbs a potential fall from play equipment from a height of up to 3m. It has the PZH certificate and the PN EN 1177: 2018 certificate. The richness of patterns and colors of the surface stimulates children to be active and play. Thanks to its structure, it is easy to maintain and care for. We and our children do not get dirty as in the case of sand or gravel. The polyurethane surface is a perfect solution for playgrounds. It is characterized by high strength and flexibility.

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